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- Name: Tybalt Capulet...no?...nobodies gonna buy it?...*sigh* fine. Havlock
- Age: 17
- Location: Central Illinois
- How long have you been fencing? 'bout a year and a half
- Do you belong to any fencing club/organization/team? Springfield Fencing Club (USFA)
- Preferred fencing weapon: Foil, keep bugging my Master to let me try saber

Hi folks. Just letting people know I exist, and...okay it gives me a chance to babble about myself.

I've wanted to fence since I read about it when I was 10, unfortunately I live in a very rural part of Central Illinois and there weren't any opportunites to start. Just recently I learned about a group starting up in the larger town a half-hours drive from my place, so I joined. I love fencing just as much as I thought I would, and am as helplessly addicted to it as I am to softball. I haven't been doing it very long, but I know a lot about it from reading. So...that's it I think. I'm also thinking of picking up Epee in addition to foil and (hopefully) saber.
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