The Feinting Goat (nypunkeer) wrote in fncrs,
The Feinting Goat

Club Equipment Question

So, two club related things.

First, we have a girl on our club who is a foilist, getting pretty decent, but the breast protector that she wears is very uncomfortable, not big enough, cut right, etc. Where would one go to find breast protectors for women with a large bust?

Second, our club has been going through a lot of foils, especially at tournaments. The majority of them are tip problems, but blades are being bent to crap as well (due to both bad, and not-bad fencing).
Are there any good "club blades" out there--moderatly inexpensive, yet highly durable? Any idea who makes the best points, and how we can better take care of the one's we have, because I'm stumped.

On a more personal note, I've found myself fencing more Foil recently, so I figure, due to point number two, that I should buy a Foil or two. I'm primarily an epeeist, and my gorgeous Leon Paul maraging blade costs more than I'd like to admit. So, what I need is a fairly priced, moderatly flexible, yet very durable blade with I tip I won't have to worry about replacing after every tournament. I've tried Blue Gauntlet, SG, Physical Chess, and even Leon Paul (works OK, but a bit pricy and flexible for my taste), but nothing seems to really be up to snuff. Any ideas?

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