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Survey and General Info

- Name: Olivia, my nickname is Mongoose and you can call me whichever of the two you choose
- Age:  14
- Location: New Jersey, USA most of the time
- How long have you been fencing?  eh...about 7 months (yes, I am a newb)
- Do you belong to any fencing club/organization/team? Rising Stars Fencing Academy (USFA), and Lakeland Regional High School (team)
- Preferred fencing weapon: Epee
- *BONUS: Include a picture of you in uniform (you know you look good!)*- Uhm...I don't have a photo on this computer, sorry

Hello all! Just thought I should fill this out...so yeah. Fencing's just about my favorite thing in the world even though I'm glaringly green in the sport, even though I'm varsity sub already for the school (at least for this year), even though that doesn't matter at all really...

I'm getting pumped to the Garden State Games in August, w00t

I was introduced to the sport by my school, they had a team and I've always thought the sport was really awesome. But because I joined through the school, I didn't have to master foil first like the people who actually fence traditionally (I fenced with that weapon for a week, and can sufficiently lose terribly...). A few months into the sport, I started going to my academy and I've improved a lot in Epee and I think I'm almost adequate for my age I suppose.

I think I might start improving my skill in foil in a while, one reason being that many of my friends are foils :D.
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